Exquisite new challah covers: Jacquard, quilted, brocade, velvet, vinyl and leather

This week I surveyed vinyl challah covers currently available in web stores, including products made by Emanuel, Alexander Gallery, Majestic, Galilee Silks, Kaftor Vaferach, Jerusalem Leathers, Waterdale Collection, Simchonim, Luvaton, Rikmat Elimelech, Malchut Yerushalayim, Karshi and Ronit Gur.

I came across a number of jacquard, quilted, brocade, velvet, vinyl and leather challah covers. Many of the designs were laser cut, or highly simplified, employing geometric patterns and straight lines, along with Waterdale's "hotel style." A few were hexagonal or oval, rather than the standard rectangular shape. 

For example, take a look at this intriguing hexagon challah cover from the Waterdale Collection.

Hexagon Waterdale Collection Challah Cover

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