Gabrieli's hand-woven challah covers and stain-proof tablecloths

If you like natural fabrics, take a look at the nicely crafted, understated look of the hand-woven challah covers and tablecloths made by Gabrieli. 

Gabrieli has been a leader in handwoven tallits in Israel for several decades, and a lot of people dropping by their shop just a half a block away from Zion Square (down that narrow promenade behind the bank, Rechov Yoel Solomon) are tempted to buy one of their handwoven tablecloths, who's big claim to fame is that they are stain-proof. I think they even guarantee it.

They offer over a dozen tablecloth designs, and a half dozen challah covers, which have hand embroidery and are handwoven with a satin lining. The designs are tasteful and understated. 

(Full disclosure: I have worked with Ori Gabrieli -- selling tallits, not challah covers -- for a number of years.)

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