Gray leather challah cover

Over the past few years leather and faux leather challah covers have been gaining momentum. Today I came across this attractive leather challah cover on a Judaica blog:

Faux leather challah cover with pomegranate motif

The blogger said it's made by Yair Emanuel. That made sense, since Yair Emanuel works a lot with pomegranate motifs and likes to use color liberally. The only thing is I couldn't find it on Yair Emanuel's repository of challah cover product photos, and when I sent a question their way they wrote back to me, "Not our item, sorry."

So now it seems to be a bit of a mystery who makes this charming challah cover. 

I was also a bit surprised to come across a faux leather challah cover with so much embroidery work, because almost every other leather or faux leather challah cover I've seen has a relatively simple design, presumably because leather is not as suited to embroidery as velvet and other fabric.

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