Heirloom quality challah cover

I guess you could describe this challah cover in one word: "Wow."

I keep coming back to the photo, and just gaze at it, wondering how the embroiderer at Kaftor Vaferach manages to get so much detail in.

To get a good look, you have to view it on the manufacturer's website, here.

Kaftor Vaferach is a veteran high-caliber textile and embroidery maker located in Jerusalem. They use very good quality velvet and offer a number of very successful designs. Most challah cover makers seem to be on one end of the spectrum or the other: (1) very colorful designs on satin or silk and (2) very traditional designs in silver on dark velvet.

Yet Kaftor Vaferach manages to combine the two by using color liberally, while sticking with dark velvet as its "canvas."

Ornate floral Kaftor Vaferach dark velvet challah cover

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