Ishay Ribo's song about Shabbos

A French-Israeli singer by the name of Ishay Ribo has been playing on our living room speakers incessantly for about a week, ever since a few of my kids went to hear him perform at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. Just about everyone in the family either likes his songs a lot, or at least enough to be accommodating.

Ishay Ribo is one of very few singers in Israel who manage to bridge the divide between the secular and religious sectors - which says a lot about his musical style. "His voice is smooth and melodic," writes Gershon Burstyn, "with a note of truth and urgency." 

Now, a lot of folks out there like to play Shabbos songs on Friday afternoons, to set the tone at home and shift gears. Ishay Ribo songs have a fairly unique folksy sound, and he has one song lauding the Shabbos. It's extremely un-commercial, which makes it highly worthy in my eyes (and ears). 

It's worth your while to listen, so here's a link and the lyrics. 

כמה טוב שבאת

שולחן ערוך
נרות שבת
ואין לי הסבר אבל שוב טוב לי עכשיו

מפסיק לרוץ
נושם מעט
וכמה טוב שבאת כמה טוב שבאת
שבת מלכה שלי ,אני אסיר תודה
את כמו שיר חדש, כמו בית מקדש מעט
מלכה שלי שבת

אושר כפול
דיבור אחד
את גם זוכרת גם שומרת עלי

את אי שפיות
עיר מקלט
וכמה טוב שבאת כמה טוב שבאת



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