Keeping Shabbos: A word for beginners

Is keeping Shabbos for me? What is the meaning of Shabbos? What's it all about?

Here's a very brief, succinct primer from an unpublished book by Moish Slobodkin of Jerusalem:

Without Shabbos you are not really living. Without Shabbos you are not quite a Jew, you are a sort-of Jew.

On Shabbos it is an extremely important mitzvah to feast on special foods that your soul loveth: salmon perhaps, wonderful salads, special pastries, everyone’s different, something special likhvod Shabbos kodesh, something with which “to honor the holy Shabbos.” If you can’t afford special food, borrow and have faith that the money will come with which to repay.

On Shabbos you don’t touch money and you don't turn lights on and off and you don't ride in a car – on Shabbos you are building a house in time, not in space, and the first time you build a house it's very hard (“Every beginning is hard”), but as you go along it becomes easier.

Keeping Shabbos means transforming your entire life. It requires tremendous faith. Great faith brings great rewards. Let Shabbos-to-Shabbos be the rhythm of your life.

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