Leather Havdalah Set

Havdalah sets are typically made of some sort of metal. Perhaps sterling silver, silver plated, nickel plated or anodized aluminum. Michal Ben David makes some superb ceramic Havdalah sets. But leather? Is there such a thing as a leather Havdalah set?

Yes, there is, and it is truly a work of art. Gamuza is a fabulous Judaica leather tannery in Mexico. This week one of our local suppliers sent some product photos of their Havdalah sets, and I was very impressed.

Gamuza leather Havdalah set

We don't have any of these Havdalah sets listed as a product page, so if you might be interested, send us an inquiry. Also note that it packs well for Shabbos away from home. Available in brown as well.

Gamuza leather Havdalah set - brown and cream 

A more subdued, PU leather Havdalah set is also available from the Waterdale Collection, including new designs in white-silver and white-gold.

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