Netilat Yadayim cups available at Amazon

Close to a hundred different styles of Netilat Yadayim cups are listed on Amazon. You can find everything from simple plastic negel vasser cups for under $10 to many stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic (lucite) washing cups in the $25-$50 range, and at the upper end, some fabulous handmade ceramic washing cups priced over $70.

Amazon washing cups: Word to the wise

Many of the Netilat Yadayim washing cups for sale are Amazon are not such great finds, and are available elsewhere for less, even if you factor in the shipping.

However, for those diehard Amazon buyers, I suggest you avoid washing cups with thin handles (uncomfortable) and odd shapes (e.g. hexagonal), which do not pour evenly. Stainless steel are sturdy, but the clang might be a irritant in some homes.

If you opt for a very inexpensive, simple plastic washing cup for kids, consider choosing the extra small size, which makes the task much easier for small hands.

Lucite washing cups

A new washing cup option is acrylic, notably lucite. One of the leading pioneers in the use of lucite for Judaica products is the Waterdale Collection of Lakewood, New Jersey, which started out creating in lucite, and then branched out from there.

Waterdale Collection Lucite Washing Cup with U Handles

Lucite is a thermoplastic acrylic resin used as a substitute for glass.

"As a designer I always loved lucite," Gitty writes on her About page. "Lucite has rich qualities of crystal clear, more versatile than glass, and blends seamlessly into decor." Personally I don't like the glittery hexagonal design, but do like the simplicity of the transparent washing cups as well as the elegance of their lucitewashing cup with unique U handles. 

Another alternative to the old-fashioned simple plastic washing cup is bamboo, which look great, but I've found they seem a bit brittle, making them prone to break fairly easily. 

Art Judaica has an extensive selection of washing cups, including a series of  modern acrylic washing cups (available on Amazon as well) with transparent walls that can make Netilat Yadayim more fun for kids.

Other Art Judaica Netilat Yadayim washing cups include polyresin (which I found surprisingly durable), aluminum and melamine. I'm curious whether the melamine washing cups are sturdier than the bamboo. 



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