New collection of Yair Emanuel challah covers

Today's a Friday, so it wasn't easy dragging my wife out of the kitchen for a few moments of her time. In fact, I think it's one of the shortest day's of the year, so candle-lighting is at 4:15. But she has an artist's eye, so I really wanted to hear her opinion on our new collection of Yair Emanuel challah covers.

We have in stock close to half of the challah covers Yair Emanuel Judaica currently offers, and I showed her about half of those, asking her to tell me which designs she likes, which she doesn't, and why.

To tell you the truth, at least half she didn't like. I think she's a bit picky, but on the other hand, without denigrating Yair Emanuel's design abilities, many people are bound to come across all sorts of designs they don't like, especially considering that modern styles are not always going to be to everyone's liking. 

This one was her hands-down favorite:

Shabbat challah cover

What did she like about it? She said the design was neatly arranged, with effective use of various colors. I liked the song words.

The ones she didn't like were either "too plain" or "too busy" for her tastes.

I was sure she'd like this challah cloth:

Violet challah cover

...But I was wrong! The design was too abstract and she seems to prefer a white or off-white base color. On the other hand, I'm certain my mother would like it, since she loves anything purple. (She spent years searching for a rug with the right shade of purple to match her purple couches.)

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