Recent additions to Yair Emanuel challah cover collection

Based in Jerusalem, Emanuel Judaica has long been among the leading designers and producers of contemporary Judaica. Yair Emanuel has possibly the largest collection of modern challah covers, including raw silk, silk applique, faux leather - and more recently linen and PU leather. Almost all of the designs employ a splash of vibrant colors, but the styles range from fairly staid to abstract.

Some of the most common motifs incorporated in Yair Emanuel's modern challah cover line include pomegranates, wheat stalks, floral designs and quaint Jerusalem sketches.

Modern challah cover by Yair Emanuel CME-11In many of his designs, Yair Emanuel will use three to four shades of a given color, often offset by a second color. For example, floral patterns may combine three shades of blue, or a number of shades of red, offset by a vine in two-tone green.

Emanuel Judaica blue Jerusalem challah cover CMB-5Emanuel frequently makes use of charming Jerusalem scenes in different shapes: four-sides frames, filling the bottom of the challah cover or filling almost the entire 'canvas' of the challah cloth. (Note that often more embroidery work also means a higher price tag.)  

Often Jerusalem designs are in shades of blue, gold or a medley of colors, with gold highlights. 

Emanuel raw silk pomegranate challah cover CAS-5Another longtime Emanuel standby is a pomegranate motif, which is sometimes the focus of a challah cover design, and other times used to frame or accent another central motif. While the pomegranates themselves are invariably in shades of maroon, the base color may be pearl white, copper or blue.


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