Traditional white brocade challah covers

To make a truly elegant white brocade challah covers requires investing work in real craftsmanship, classic designs and high-caliber embroidery work.

If you're using a splash of colors, sometimes you can make a good impression just by using the right color schemes and coming up with a bold design. But when you're "canvas" is white-on-white, you really need to pay attention to detail. For example, take a look at this white brocade challah cover, made by Malchut Yerushalayim:

White brocade challah cover, made in Jerusalem

Take a close look. See how the embroidery work stands out boldly, with graceful curves? No flashy colors, but it definitely lends palpable beauty to your table. 

You'll find some other brocade challah covers incorporate off-white, quilting or glittering Swarovski stones to embellish the design, and some employ more ornate designs and motifs.

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