Vibrant Challah Cover Designs

by Zlaty Kahan

The melodies of old are part of my memory of Shabbat as a child, and so is the old maroon challa cover that my mother cherishes to this day. We placed it on an empty chair after Hamotzi. Sometimes a guest would drop by during the meal and innocently sit on the plastic covered challa cover.

“Uh-oh! Did I just sit on someone’s hat?”

When we moved to Israel the challa cover vanished for a few weeks, along with the challa board and some other sentimentally charged items. While they were missing we realized how attached to them we had become.

Judaica items that are carefully guarded, and have visual appeal, will be treasured as family heirlooms for generations to come. And that is why you may prefer to choose the more classic white or dark navy challa covers with traditional designs in shades of white, silver and gold. Because modern fads eventually fade, while classic is enduring and will not be shunned by the next

Remember those pictures that we saw of our parents when we were just teens? “How out of date,” we thought until those same glasses or hairstyles
are the latest thing -- again. So everything goes in and out of fashion and if we want our challa cover to remain a treasured (and utilized) gift for generations, we should try to select something with a unique though timeless design.

Modern Challah Cover Designs

Modern designs have their own advantages. For one, they add fashion to the table. Second, the challa cover may match your table settings and your room décor better if you choose something more contemporary. You can even choose a fabric in your favorite color and then you never have to worry about it clashing with your favorite flowers and coordinated napkins.

Personally, I have a penchant for all blue-green hues. Whenever there are a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll never catch me turning down turquoise.
It’s always great to surround yourself with colors that can brighten your day and specifically your Shabbat table. With the help of some wonderful designers and a few dollars, you can beautify your Shabbat table with a centerpiece that really makes a difference.

Zlaty Kahan was born in Cleveland and raised in Lakewood, NJ. She has been living in Israel for about four years. She can usually be found reading whatever she can get her hands on, be it a cereal box, a comic book, or even a phone directory. 

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