Yoram Raanan: Amazing Shabbat candle-lighting prints

I haven't been in contact with Yoram Raanan many years ago, and didn't hear about the devastating fire damage he went through. Shattered, but pulled himself back together.

I came across four or five fabulous prints depicted the warm glow of the Shabbat candle-lighting experience.

"Shabbat, the seventh day, has a double sanctity: elevation of the earthly, and descent of the heavenly," Raanan explains. "The candle flames become a golden aura reflecting the uplifting power of Shabbat. But Shabbat is also a gift from Above, crowning us with Divine light..."

When we right the Shabbat candles, Raana writes, "the room fills with the radiance of Shabbat. The table glows like a burning bush, hinting at the special light of Shabbat. The...woman wears a crown of light, as if she has become a queen, and the home is transformed into a sanctuary of peace."

On a Jewish art blog, one site visitor writes that this "inspirational painting is as extraordinary as it is beautiful! It captures the unifying spirit, love and hope of Jewish family life as they embrace the timeless rituals [associated with] Judaica."

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