Modern Challah Covers

In recent years that has been a shift from dark challah covers, most often velvet with silver embroidery, to modern challah covers with a light base color and vibrant designs. 

Some of the leading names of contemporary challah cover designers in Israel include Yair Emanuel, Barbara Shaw, Rikmat Elimelech, Ronit Gur and Avi Luvaton.

Yair Emanuel challah cover collection

Yair Emanuel has amassed an enormous selection of modern challah cover designs over the years. Using organza silk and raw silk, he often makes use of motifs including abstract Jerusalem panorama sketches, the Old City Gates, the Western Wall, pomegranates, wheat sheaves, the Seven Species and Oriental designs.

Ronit Gur & Dorit Judaica challah covers

In contrast, Ronit Gur's challah covers imbue a certain sense of modernity while favoring subtler colors and designs. In fact, many of her challah covers make use of a considerable amount of empty space, with localized, but striking design elements. A few of her designs seem to be influenced by abstract and contemporary art.

Dorit Judaica offers a half dozen challah covers featuring modern designs that make full use of the available space, like a painter filling his entire canvas. Some have very vibrant colors, while two or three of her designs are almost stark, using a single color on white.