Leather & Linen Challah Covers

More stalwart traditionalists insist on a dark velvet challah cover for their table (or cotton/polyester for those who prefer a white base color), but in recent years many challah cover makers in Israel and abroad have been phasing in challah covers made of leather (or PU) and linen.

Typically leather and linen challah covers use only 2-3 colors, and often have simple designs enhanced by attractive texture. Both materials offer greater durability compared to raw silk, satin and cotton/polyester, and have a more weighty feel.

Leather challah covers: Waterdale, ANAEL and more 

Leather, faux leather and suede challah covers typically feature simple, elegant designs with blocks of color. They have been gaining traction among those looking for a sturdy, wipe-clean, affordable option with designs characterized by simple elegance. Our selection currently features products made by ANAEL, Art, Gamuza and the Waterdale Collection.

Leather vs. faux leather

PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is a type of artificial leather made out of thermoplastic polymer often used for manufacturing shoes or furniture. Since it is 100% artificial it's considered vegan. There are also some types of PU leather known as bicast leather that have genuine leather (using the fibrous part of cowhide leftover from making genuine leather) covered with a polyurethane coating.

Advantages of faux leather challah covers:

– Costs less because it is easier to manufacture
– Easy to clean, water-resistant
Variety of colors and styles
Doesn’t dry out over time

Advantages of a genuine leather challah covers:

Looks genuine
No chemical smell
Lasts longer than imitation leather
More durable
Develops luster or patina over time

Emanuel linen challah cover

Linen challah covers are typically a bit heftier and more durable than raw silk, satin and many of the thin, inexpensive velvet or cotton/polyester challah covers. Earth tones are commonly used: off-white, beige, camel, chocolate brown, sand, sedona, eggshell, olive, desert yellow, auburn, aspen yellow, ocher, wolf gray, harvest gold, beaver, almond, coffee, etc.

30-second clip showing Gamuza, ANAEL & Waterdale leather challah cover options: