Classic Challah Covers

Velvet has long been the fabric of choice for Shabbat challah covers, since the plush look of dark velvet lends a stately look to your Shabbat table. Typically the more expensive challah covers are made of higher quality velvet and employ superior embroidery work, and may be further embellished with decorative elements that add a unique sparkle.

Dark velvet challah covers

In recent years many manufacturers of velvet challah covers have begun offering them in small, medium and large. The medium size is the most common, but a larger size might be right for those who would like a very impressive challah cover on their table, or who simply serve two very large challahs.

Identical or similar designs are also made on pristine white brocade fabric. Often these incorporate shades of off-white and cream as well. Our white brocade challah cloths lend a subtle elegance to your Shabbos table. 

If you want a white challah cover that really looks fabulous up close, look for embroidery work with texture and substance.