Leather Challah Covers

Malchut Jerusalem, which normally specializes in traditional velvet and brocade, recently ventured into a selection of leather challah covers. Typically what makes this type of material attractive is innovative use of lines and shapes in creating the design. The layout tends to be simple, without frills, ornate frames and other embellishments. 

Waterdale Leather Challah Cover

Kaftor Vaferach also makes several leather challah covers, using just two colors and very stark designs.

Some of the most striking work in leather comes out of a company called Waterdale. Their PU leather challah covers feature a cotton backing, and can be wiped down or machine washed. 

Gamuza, a leather studio in Mexico, offers some gorgeous designs, but there products are quite difficult to procure.

Expect to pay $30-$90 for faux leather and vinyl, or $150-$200 for genuine leather.